My next book I’ll read

Planet Google (Book)

A new book by Randall Stross is out (6th October 2008); it’s called “Planet Google” and covers Google’s beginnings but also their latest actions and troubles. Some quotes from the book triggered me. I hope Google Health will be addressed also.

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What your data tells you about your processes

Do you know exactly what the data processes in your company look like? Many people have a general overview of the processes. Others have a detailed view of some of these processes.  Few people know all data processes in detail.


HI Survey Results

HI Survey Results

Looking at the data can give you deeper insight in your data processes. Not only the processes in theory, but in practice too. How? By focusing on the exceptions! Continue reading

Data quality processes: The wrong guy

As a recent Human Inference survey shows, data quality processes appear to be the biggest challenge for organizations.  Although this may seem an obvious survey result for many, the real question here of is: What are data quality processes?

Many of you will probably start thinking along the lines of data ownership, database access and hierarchy. But data quality processes are far more essential.  First of all, you have to know who you are dealing with.The following video is self-explaining:




Budget for Data Quality seems no problem

A survey of Human Inference in 2008 indicates that processes are the biggest experienced challenge in relation to Data Quality. However the subject that seems to be no problem is the budget. Human inference differentiates itself by interpretation of knowledge. So from this perspective I wonder how the respondents interpreted the word “processes”. Do they mean the processes within the value chain of their companies or do they actually mean the process of obtaining a budget for Data Quality? The latter would actually explain a lot.

HI Survey Results

HI Survey Results



What’s the value of unique identifiers

In a survey by Human Inference processes were discovered to be the most challenging data quality aspect.

HI Survey Results
HI Survey Results

Since in processes often unique identifiers are used to identify customers, accounts or data in general the reliability of these identifiers influence the quality of your process. To avoid incorrect results and decisions a check of the data related to the identifiers is required. The illegal use of such an identifier leads to polluted data. A name-number-check should be implemented for e.g.:

  • bank account numbers
  • social security numbers
  • chamber of commerce numbers

The importance of persistent identification

A much overlooked issue in Customer Data Integration projects is “Persistent Identification”.

Persons and companies are very often identified using their address data. But, what do you do if a person has moved from address A to address B. One, thing you really don’t want is that the person is added to database as a new person (INSERT). From that moment a duplicate person or company resides in your system. This should be prevented, by creating searching indexes which include the current and the previous address of the persons and companies in your database. 

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Icesave? We need vdi!

The world is changing rapidly. We are becoming less loyal to our suppliers. Switching is easier than ever before. But the landscape of vendors is huge. We can not only do business with banks originated in the country you live in, but international banks are offering their services too. At sometimes interesting interest rates… But what do we know about these vendors? Do we keep track of them? Do we know that Icesave is a daughter company of Landsbanki? And if we do business with both, do we know our total risk when they collapse, as happened previous week? It is time for consumers to stand up, time to take control. We need the Single Vendor View! Let’s think about VDI: Vendor Data Integration!