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Go green with CDI

Green Globe

How much paper was used to deliver three copies of your glossy brochure in the same household? Every tried to estimate the impact on our environment of all the undeliverable direct mailers? How much fuel consumption can be reduced when orders  delivery can effectely be grouped together by geographic location?

Being more environmentally friendly is going to be a huge topic in the next few years. Effective data quality and customer data integration can go a long way into making a difference. A totally business to how we look at investing in these areas at this moment.

Data Quality and SOA – how do they interact

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has gained much popularity in the past years as the model for application development that uses groups of services that are orchestrated around business processes. SOA involves more than just the manner in which applications are deployed and interact with each other – it also involves how they interact with data. 



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SaaS momentum in economic down times


Jeff Kelly from SearchDataManagerment.com writes about the momentum of SaaS based data quality and integration tools. With quotes from a survey done by research firm Gartner he writes about how “the on demand model is beginning to gain foothold in the industry”.

A few remarkable facts from the Gartner survey:

  • 28% of companies have deployed SaaS-based data integration tools
  • 24% have SaaS-based data quality tools
  • Most companies use a mix of on-premise, outsourced and SaaS-based technology
  • SaaS-based software, at this point, often trails its on-premise counterparts
  • Gartner advice: “Plan SaaS deployment enterprise-wide….to guard against siloed investments”

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My next book I’ll read

Planet Google (Book)

A new book by Randall Stross is out (6th October 2008); it’s called “Planet Google” and covers Google’s beginnings but also their latest actions and troubles. Some quotes from the book triggered me. I hope Google Health will be addressed also.

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What your data tells you about your processes

Do you know exactly what the data processes in your company look like? Many people have a general overview of the processes. Others have a detailed view of some of these processes.  Few people know all data processes in detail.


HI Survey Results

HI Survey Results

Looking at the data can give you deeper insight in your data processes. Not only the processes in theory, but in practice too. How? By focusing on the exceptions! Continue reading

Data quality processes: The wrong guy

As a recent Human Inference survey shows, data quality processes appear to be the biggest challenge for organizations.  Although this may seem an obvious survey result for many, the real question here of is: What are data quality processes?

Many of you will probably start thinking along the lines of data ownership, database access and hierarchy. But data quality processes are far more essential.  First of all, you have to know who you are dealing with.The following video is self-explaining: