Icesave? We need vdi!

The world is changing rapidly. We are becoming less loyal to our suppliers. Switching is easier than ever before. But the landscape of vendors is huge. We can not only do business with banks originated in the country you live in, but international banks are offering their services too. At sometimes interesting interest rates… But what do we know about these vendors? Do we keep track of them? Do we know that Icesave is a daughter company of Landsbanki? And if we do business with both, do we know our total risk when they collapse, as happened previous week? It is time for consumers to stand up, time to take control. We need the Single Vendor View! Let’s think about VDI: Vendor Data Integration!


I am not Eddy!

Do you feel like I do? Everytime I register for a site, like this blogging area, I have to enter my name. First of all, this is annoying. Why can’t I keep track of a single set of data, somewhere in the big internet cloud, and just point to it? No, impossible! We apparently need to create multiple alter egos in the cloud to survive in the digital jungle. And once you decided to create again a new alter ego, you get these questions again: username? Password?

As a username, Eddy seems a logical choice… No, already exists. Now I am forced to think of something else. Eddy Reimerink maybe? No, spaces not allowed, neither are capitals. Let’s try eddyreimerink. Phew! Done. Again, created a new alter ego, a username that is a non-existing name and different from all the other user names I use. How do I manage this data quality problem?