SaaS momentum in economic down times


Jeff Kelly from writes about the momentum of SaaS based data quality and integration tools. With quotes from a survey done by research firm Gartner he writes about how “the on demand model is beginning to gain foothold in the industry”.

A few remarkable facts from the Gartner survey:

  • 28% of companies have deployed SaaS-based data integration tools
  • 24% have SaaS-based data quality tools
  • Most companies use a mix of on-premise, outsourced and SaaS-based technology
  • SaaS-based software, at this point, often trails its on-premise counterparts
  • Gartner advice: “Plan SaaS deployment enterprise-wide….to guard against siloed investments”

Enterprise-wide data quality project requires custom implementation and customisation of the tools to support the specific business processes. This maybe difficult to achieve in the data quality SaaS offerings that are available at this time. On  the other hand many data quality functions like rapid addressing, data enrichment or even deduplication happen all across the enterprise and may be well served with on demand offerings.

The current economic crisis will force many organisations to reduce IT expenses and SaaS based data quality will have increasing appeal. In most organisations a mix between on demand services and on premise implementation will be the best model.


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